Albert Heijn meets shoppers’ needs with customer feedback

We are proud to announce that one of the largest supermarket chains in the Netherlands, Albert Heijn, now uses Mopinion’s feedback software on their website ( Albert Heijn – also referred to as the AH or ‘Appie’, as the Dutch like to call it – jump-started its online feedback programme in June of last year (2017). Since then, they have employed various feedback forms across their website with the aim to extract valuable insights into the online shopper journey.

Online grocery shopping is a market which is growing rapidly – with a total revenue of online supermarkets in the Netherlands expected to increase by 30%. For this reason, it was imperative for Albert Heijn to keep up with this growth by providing an exceptional online customer experience. This meant tackling all relevant touchpoints of the website from content (such as product information) and pricing to overall website usability and learning how customers experienced these touchpoints first-hand.

Mopinion: Albert Heijn caters closely to online shoppers’ needs with customer feedback - Grocery cart

In search of the right solution, Albert Heijn soon found itself in the hands of online feedback analytics software, Mopinion. uses Mopinion to collect customer feedback from various touchpoints across the online shopper journey – all with the goal of enhancing the online journey and customer satisfaction. They measure the performance of these touchpoints using key metrics such as Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Effort Score (CES) and Goal Completion Rate (GCR).

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By using real-time feedback dashboards we can easily see which issues we have to work on to enhance the shopper journey and satisfaction. These insights are shared internally with different specialisation teams that work on the specific feedback points.

Rosanne Heijligers, Customer Experience Analyst (Mopinion Retail White Paper, 2017)Mopinion: Albert Heijn caters closely to online shoppers’ needs with customer feedback - AH online logo

Using Mopinion’s top-of-the-line action management tools, these insights are extended and shared across various departments within the company. This serves as a great way of quickly and smoothly closing the feedback loop.

About Albert Heijn

Albert Heijn is recognised as the oldest and largest supermarket chain in the Netherlands. In addition to their focus on offering superior products in stores, such as their Albert Heijn stores, AH To Go and Albert Heijn XL, this supermarket chain also offers online services via their website, Here customers can purchase Albert Heijn products and have them delivered to their homes, with the promise of ‘Order Today, Delivered Tomorrow’.

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