CareerOne jumpstarts user feedback programme with Mopinion

We are delighted to announce that CareerOne is now using Mopinion’s user feedback software! CareerOne is an Australian online job board servicing all sectors and industries. With a digital strategy geared towards creating a class-leading user experience, the organisation recently redeveloped its platform.

In this customer story, CareerOne Business Analyst Ben Schutz shares more about how CareerOne got started with user feedback and how Mopinion’s solution has helped them boost the usability of their platform.

“Our belief is that we can enhance the job search experience so that every candidate finds their best job opportunities in an easier way, while at the same time improving their experience and the overall quality of candidates that an employer receives.”

In other words, an improved experience not only drives more audience and memberships to the CareerOne platform, it also delivers better outcomes to job advertisers.

Important role for Real-time Feedback

CareerOne has large collective experience in the employment advertising industry and quite recently they made the decision to ‘do what it takes to continue to deliver the best product to their users’. This means being adventurous and taking risks with product decisions. But it also requires insights into the usability of the product.

Mopinion: CareerOne jumpstarts user feedback programme with Mopinion - Job Match Score Feedback

“We are dreaming big and constantly reevaluating what we are building and what we already have in the market. Therefore, getting real time feedback from our users was essential to this approach.”

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A fitting solution…

CareerOne selected Mopinion as it’s feedback solution because they felt the design of the platform valued the feedback in the same way CareerOne did.

Mopinion’s features, big and small, all work together in order to help us understand the feedback we receive and to drive action, in a way that we were finding hard to do on similar platforms.

CareerOne uses Mopinion in a few different ways.

“With Mopinion we aim to capture sentiment and visitor suggestions using passive feedback forms that are always available during the user’s journey on the site as we are always looking at where we can bring value to the user.”

They also leverage active forms to measure the usability to new features and releases. For example, whenever CareerOne delivers a new feature that is quite different to the normal usage of their website, they trigger an invite to complete a targeted survey about the feature.

“These surveys ask questions like, ‘Did you find the feature useful?’, ‘Was it clear and easy to start using?’, ‘Is there anything that can be improved?’, etc. This helps us quickly respond to issues or potential improvements.”

Mopinion: CareerOne jumpstarts user feedback programme with Mopinion - Business Analyst Site Feedback

Regular monitoring and action management

“When we release major changes to the platform, Mopinion’s analytics software serves as a great checkpoint for seeing if sentiment is going up or down in a significant way. In fact the dashboard forms part of our regular monitoring tool set.”

CareerOne also leverages a specific Slack channel (to which the entire organisation has access) that alerts the team when lower scoring feedback items come in, so that they can act quickly.

Apart from their frequent usage of Mopinion, CareerOne holds product team meetings to review and analyse the feedback they receive. Not to mention, being able to easily tag feedback in the platform makes this activity really straightforward and simple.

So what’s next?

“We want to deliver an online experience that any user coming to the site will be blown away with, and ensure that remains the case as we continue to build innovative and exciting features.”

Ready to see Mopinion in action?

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